Why Join?

Corry Area Schools Federal Credit Union is a non-profit financial institution, and  unlike other financial institutions this means our profits go back in to providing friendly and professional service, access to lower interest rates on loans, higher yields on savings and by adding new financial products and services. We also offer financial counseling to help keep you on the right track. Because you are not just a member you are an owner.

Our Tradition

In the spring of 1963, 25 faculty members of the Corry Area Schools District joined together to create and charter the Corry Area Schools Federal Credit Union.

In January 1964, Ron Rairie became the manager and conducted business out of the practice room in the music department of Corry High School.

The Credit Union experienced steady growth, and after being moved several times to accommodate school activities, the Credit Union moved to the school’s Vo-Tech building on Route 6.

In January of 1988 the Credit Union moved into the technical world by going on the computer.

The next home for the Credit Union in May of 1991 was the Counseling Services Building, a more centrally accessible location for the members.

When the old Rossabacher Building came up for sale, it was purchased by the Credit Union in 1998 and subsequently renovated even to include a drive-in window for member convenience.

Who can join the credit union?

People who are employed or have retired from the following business are eligible for credit union membership

  • Corry Ambulance
  • Corry Area School District
  • Corry Counseling Services
  • Corry Manor
  • Rossabacher Insurance
  • City of Corry
  • LECOM Health Corry Memorial Hospital
  • Corry Area Schools Federal Credit Union

Additionally, if you are related to anyone within this field of membership you are also eligible to join. You can stop by the credit union anytime during normal business hours to pick up a membership application

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